15% of all profits are given to support ASD and Mental Health research, programs, and local charities

Our Mission

Meet our son, Nicholas. He is an artist, loves science, math, all things tech, reading, gaming, [specifically Fortnite] and of course, he adores his family. Especially his baby sister. He is smart as a whip, hilarious, and has a tremendously kind heart.

Our Muse

This is our daughter, Vivienne. She is the sugar (and cream) to our life of black coffee and the inspiration for boxfort media.

Always the initiator for group hugs, snuggles, and silly play. And much like her big brother, a very big kind heart. Every moment with her is an opportunity to experience life with a limitless and vivid imagination.

Mom & Founder

Hello, I’m Colette. I created boxfort media. I am also Nicholas and Vivienne’s Mom.

All my life and career I’ve felt a strong desire to create or be a part of something with a far greater purpose than just to make a profit and achieve proverbial “success”.

Born an Entrepreneur, I have a knack for coming up with ideas and solutions to problems. Just ask my Mom, she’ll be the first to tell you all my childhood stories from ideas I had at breakfast that turned into full fledge profitable micro-businesses by the end of a summer day.

With my red wagon in tow, my very first startup was door-to-door sales selling pears that I picked from our tree after a day full of bee dodging and tree climbing. Another, a mini-carnival with admission fees and tickets for my neighborhood friends to come to play a mini-golf version of croquet, play on our playset or climb a giant boulder that we had in our backyard.

As an adult and Mom of two, I now realize that many of my ideas stemmed from an effort initiated by my Mom to get me outside to burn off my endless energy.

My favorite childhood empire building memory was one that humored my Dad. He came home from work and gave me an old leather portfolio equipped with a calendar and invoice pad. I turned that portfolio and the contents into a business plan for a special order cookie business. I even went door to door to my pear customers to get pre-orders for the holidays. It was quite a success, but my Dad made me shut it down once my orders exceed our baking capacity.

That baking hobby evolved into a successful 15 year culinary career that included two bakery businesses, one of which was a special order cookie order business.

At the end of all my business adventures, my Dad, (forever the capitalist) would insist on investing all my profits and my Mom would encourage giving it away. Luckily, my take away has more of a balance.

My inquisitive nature and thirst for creating often prevented me from sitting still at my desk. Sorry past teachers! I would have much rather led the class in an immersive creative project and would have held a roundtable discussion at the playground.

As an adult, I have learned how to harness that energy and turn it into one of my strengths.

To that point, my strengths include a unique blend of Creative and Analytical skills from my education and background in Business, Marketing, Real Estate and of course, imaginative play.

Boxfort is an outlet to express those strengths, and a platform to connect with and give back to causes that are important to our family.

A few years ago, Doctors may have labeled individuals who are not “Neurotypical” with an “Asperger’s Disorder” diagnosis.

Instead, medical diagnostic criteria now prefer to place individuals with similar neuro characteristics on a Spectrum. Specifically, the Autism Spectrum.

Within this spectrum, there are levels of severity and functional capacity. Our son Nicholas is ASD-1 or HFA Level One. He functions at an extraordinarily high level [on this spectrum], and was misdiagnosed at a very young age as having just ADHD.

Over the years and since this new diagnosis, we have learned a few new terms and searched for resources to help us better understand and maneuver life on the Spectrum.

One of the things we’ve found is that there are fairly limited resources for and to help individuals with ASD, especially young adults and teens. Many of the organizations, groups, and forums do not seem to be a good fit for our needs.

Because of this, we decided to do something about it!

Rather than continue to try to force Nicholas and others with ASD into another mold, [because society does enough of that for us], we decided to help spread awareness and create a platform that supports our purpose.

15% of all boxfort media profits are given to support ASD, Mental Health research, programs, and local charities.